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FEES and Payment Options

MEDIATION:  The fees for mediation sessions are $350.00 per hour which is payable at the time of each session.  Total fees for a complete mediation including the drafting of the joint petition package and separation agreement typically range from $2,000.00 to $3,500.00 depending on the number of sessions needed by the couple. 

LIMITED ASSISTANCE REPRESENTATION (LAR): Fees for LAR depend on whether the client is seeking office consultation appointments (for advice, document preparation, discovery or preparation for court appearances) OR representation where the attorney is entering a limited appearance in court or for purposes of negotiations with the opposing party.

Consultation Based LAR Service:  The fee for LAR consultation based appointments or work performed for the client behind the scenes is $250.00 to $350.00 per hour* (or up to an hour) payable by cash, check or credit card at the time of the appointment or in advance of the service being requested. In some cases the LAR service will be billed as flat fee.

Representation Based LAR Service:   If the client wishes the attorney to make an appearance in the case, either in court or for purposes of negotiation, the client will be required to pay a retainer based on an estimate of the time required to complete the service. The fee for Representation Based LAR Services is $250.00 to 350.00 per hour*.

FULL LEGAL REPRESENTATION: The fee for full representation services is $350.00 per hour.  A retainer in the amount of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 will be requested upon the commencement of the representation.  In certain cases, a wavier of the retainer may be considered. 

For the preparation of a court order to divide a defined benefit plan (i.e. pension) we charge a flat fee of $1,250.00.  For a court order to divide a defined contribution plan (i.e. 401k, 403B, 457, IRA) we charge a flat fee of $750.00.  

PARENTING COORDINATION:  The hourly fee for parenting coordination services is $350.00 per hour. Clients are expected to pay a $3,500.00 retainer to begin the service. 

PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS:  The client will be billed $350.00 per hour for prenuptial agreement services.  The anticipated total fees for prenuptial agreement representation will depend on whether the attorney is drafting the agreement for the requesting party or reviewing the agreement for the party who is being presenting with a premarital agreement.  

Drafting, Advice & Negotiation: (for party requesting the agreement).  The client will be
                expected to pay a retainer to begin the representation.  Depending on the length of
                negotiations and revisions to the  agreement, total fees will range from
                $1,500.00 - $2,500.00

Reviewing, Advice & Negotiation: (for the party who is being presented with a premarital
                agreement):  The fees for reviewing the agreement tend to be less than for drafting.    
                Parties being asked to sign a premarital agreement often request that the other spouse 
                 pay his or her legal fees. The total fees range from $700.00 to $1,500.00.      


*Fees are based on the attorney’s standard hourly rate. 
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